Coincidence or what – the day I post on Facebook about the merits of crunchy over smooth peanut butter on toast, that I should receive an invitation from Mim Hook at ABC Gippsland’s Breakfast program to, as a Toastmaster, give a toast to toast on ‘Toast Tuesday’… Alliteration intended I believe !

 It’s always challenging to accept things and to act on behalf of Toastmasters, with the trepidation of how others judge you (unless you’re a narcissist of course). But we grow in confidence every time we step up and are supported by others around us. Getting a few messages from friends in the local area suggested I may have done okay… Air time however short, increases people’s awareness of our organisation, what we do and how to get in touch.

Hope you enjoy – here’s my toast…

“Please charge your glasses with your morning beverage of choice and join me in a Toast to Toast…

Here’s to bread… from Bagels to Sprouted bread, from Matzah to Naan, from Pumpernickel to Brioche and from multi-grain to classic white sourdough. For without bread we have no Toast.

Here’s to the toaster… whether pop-up, oven, conveyor or press – the tanning bed for our bread.

But most of all – here’s to Toast… the crisp crunch, the sometimes contentious soft centre, the conveyance that ignites so many passionate culinary degustation. 

To the greatest thing since sliced bread – Toast !”

Kevin Broughton DTM

D73 Program Quality Director