Become a District Leader

Looking to expand your leadership skills? Look through our incredible opportunities within District 73.

Nominations closing soon!

We encourage you to nominate for a District 73 Leadership Position as you will further your self-development, communication, and leadership skills by stepping into these leadership positions. Set yourself a new goal for 2021-2022 and strengthen your leadership skills.

Leadership opportunities such as these are hard to come by in the workforce so take the time now to read the information and consider nominating yourself or sow the seed with a member in your club to take that next step, opportunities abound. Nominations for the elected roles close on March 28th.

Please consider nominating for a District Leadership position for our 2021-2022 Toastmasters year, the District needs your support.

For more information about these roles, refer to the District Leadership Handbook and the District Administrative Bylaws, Article VII: Officers in the Governing Documents.

what positions are up for nomination?

Each year there are specific positions that are up for nomination.

Elected Roles:

  • District Director
  • Program Quality Director
  • Club Growth Director
  • Eight Division Director positions (Bass, Central, Eastern, Inner City, Metro, Northern, Ranges, Southern)

All of these positions are required to be interviewed by the District Leadership Nominating Committee. Nominations for the elected roles have been extended so now close on 28th March 2021. Interviews early March. For more details, please look through the District Nominations Schedule.

Appointed Roles:

  • Finance Manager
  • Administration Manager
  • Public Relations Manager

A nomination will put you in a pool of candidates from which the incoming District Director may select people to fill these roles. Candidates for these roles are appointed by the incoming District Director. They are not interviewed by the District Leadership Nominating Committee.

Elected Roles:

  • Area Directors

Please note that Area Director roles are elected via the respective Area Council meetings. Should you have an interest in an Area Director role please contact your Area Director or Division Director to express your interest. If the Area Director Elections are not held prior to the District Council meeting in May the incoming District Director will appoint members to these roles.

I’m Interested! what is the process?

Please take some time and review the paperwork below.

Nominating for a role:

  1. Check your Toastmasters profile on the Toastmasters International website to ensure you meet the criteria
  2. Review the District Leader Competencies
  3. Fill in and email these forms to :
    1. District Leadership Nominating Form
    2. Candidate Application
    3. District Leader Agreement & Release Statement
    4. 450H District Leader Biographical Information
  4. For elected roles, the District Leadership Nominating Committee Chair will arrange a suitable time for an interview with members of the Nominating Committee.