As a District 73 Trio member, we have the wonderful opportunity to attend the mid-year training with our fellow Trios from other Districts.  This year, we met in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The location was a bonus, but what really made the stay, was being able to mix with this bunch of outstanding people. I’m so glad that travel is again possible and that the in-person is now back!

Days full of learning, and growth was apparent as the days progressed. Nights were a mixed bag of socialising, sightseeing and basically whatever took your fancy. I found the lychee martinis quite a treat and the barman thought he was doing me a favour by serving me doubles. Ooopsie…the staff where we stayed, were faultless!  The next day, the first session was conflict resolution, and the CGD training room was full of giggly fun as we role played exercises with the nicest of intentions; facilitated by our Regional Advisor, Michael Said DTM (who I have to say, copped a little fun himself).

Interestingly, the same issue of dynamics within teams was evident within the cultural factions. Those who cannot take a back seat, needing to dominate others and those who really don’t fuss unless it seems necessary. We are indeed a diverse and quirky bunch in Toastmasters, and I see importance with learning to express views in a manner without conflict. To be able, when we do not share the same view, to develop the maturity to acceptingly work together with a majority ruling moving forward. Lead by example guys, enjoy this new year!


Kindest regards, Juls Davey

District 73 Club Growth Director 2022-23.