It’s time to shine brighter!

The end of September is always that peak period where all District related submissions for the year are scheduled and it is my honour to call out that we as a District were able to complete all our September submissions successfully.

From here on we get to action all our success plans for the year. In saying that club speech contests are picking up pace all across the District and most clubs are conducting them in-person. Utilise this opportunity and support your Division and Area clubs out there. Now is the time you build your skills being judges, contest chairs, support roles, speech contest organiser and so much more. Put up your hand to take on these beautiful roles and give your best when up there.

Remember, when you are up on that stage, when you are helping and supporting your fellow Toastmasters, you are motivating and inspiring many individuals. You are creating repel effects out there in the Toastmasters community which means you are changing lives. So, shine brighter than ever and make your presence worthwhile for everyone associated with you.

Don’t forget to jump onto our October D73 Education & Training Session to be held on 21st October on Business Meetings & Parliamentary Process. We have a special guest – Our International President Matt Kinsey DTM attending this session. It will be your chance to ask questions on zoom and learn so much on a Friday evening.

Lastly, we have our second DEC [District Executive Committee] Meeting coming up on 5th November 2022 [Saturday] from 3PM to 5PM AEDT. This will be a hybrid DEC. So, your support and help will be really appreciated as it will be a learning process for all of us as we will be conducting DEC in a hybrid format for the first time ever within District 73 Toastmasters.

Wishing everyone great success in all your Club Contests and make sure you enjoy speech contests thoroughly. Hope this October month turns out to be a fabulous one for you and SHINE BRIGHTER than ever because it is your time to do so!

With Gratitude,


Namrita Anchan

District Director 2022-23