Be it the start of the year or end of the year, it is all on you how you look at it, what perspective you carry towards that task in hand or goal you have set for yourself. The moment you decide YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, is the moment you step into growth. Carry that thought and grit till you achieve what you have aimed for. Carry that moment of decision until you reach your set destination.

As cliche it may sound, but ONLY YOU CAN DO IT, not me, not your loved ones, not your instructor, trainer, mentor. So, do the 3 things when you feel the challenge to keep going:

  • GET UP

 Leave the rest to take its own course.

I on behalf of our District 73 Leadership Team of 48 Leaders (at the moment 23 vacant roles – open for application) would like to WELCOME ALL OUR DISTRICT 73 MEMBERS to the new Toastmasters Year 2022-2023 and encourage everyone to unleash your full potential as great speakers & leaders this year!

Enjoy the newness of our user-friendly Hybrid Newsletter with articles in the form of blogs to read through and vlogs (video blogs) to watch or listen to. All will be available on our District 73 Website on a new Blog page from next month onwards for your viewing! Do check it out when released! Look out for more updates in our August Newsletter for this.



Namrita Anchan

District Director 2022-23