What can be better than nearing year end and rejoicing in all our achievements in the last 6 months of our Toastmasters year! It is a time to sit back and reflect on all that went well and all that can be better in the next 6 months of our membership and leadership roles. It is a time to bring into action all your plans and strategies that you have put together either to achieve your personal Toastmasters progress list or your team’s progress list. It is that time of the year where you get to take a step back and evaluate yourself and your action items. And most of all it is a time for YOU to REJUVENATE your thoughts, your actions and yourself!

There are heaps that District 73 Toastmasters has to look forward to such as we have our next District Executive Committee (DEC) meeting lined up for 4th Feb 2023 which is tied up with our District Officer Training (DOT) Round 2. We will be ramping up our Area Contests and getting rolling with our 7 Division Contests. From an Education & Training perspective we will be commencing our Club Officer Trainings Round 2.

There will be other things that will start to pick up pace, which means we will have to commence our succession planning for Clubs, and District Leaderships. The DLC will commence interviews for our upcoming District Executives. District Conference preparation will start to pace up and lastly the awards and recognition will start to get planned for the changeover celebrations.

It’s amazing as to how conveniently the next 6 months could fit in the last 2 paragraphs above but it is significant to comprehend that how much of work and effort goes behind achieving the above plans, strategies and action items. These are going to be our milestones, they will feed into our achievements, growth as a person and more than anything they will feed into being our memories from this Toastmaster term of 2022-2023.

Which means, while it is time to rejuvenate during this holiday season, it is equally important to set a goal for yourself, your team and your fellow Toastmasters mates and look forward to achieving them when clock hits 12 O’clock at mid-night on 31st Dec 2022 and when the new year begins!

Wishing all our fabulous District 73 Toastmasters a holiday season full of warmth ad cheer. Enjoy the holiday season to the fullest and come back rejuvenated to Toastmastering full swing!

Happy Holidays and wishing everyone a Joyful New Year!

With Gratitude,


Namrita Anchan

District Director 2022-23