Do you know what the internet has to say about your club? What footprints have been left behind from Club Officers past? As we wrap up 2022 and step into 2023, now may be a great time to conduct a Digital Audit about your club.

Here are some great places for Club Officers to check their contact details online:

1.       Toastmasters International: Club Central/Club Contact and Meeting Information

2.       Toastmasters International: Club Central/Club Demographics

3.       FreeToastHost

4.       Easyspeak

5.       Google

6.       Facebook

7.       Instagram

8.       LinkedIn

9.       Meetup

10.   Twitter

11.   Club Website (if different to FreeToastHost or Easyspeak)

If you are uncertain whether your club has an account at any of these locations, try visiting their websites and using the search tool for your club.

The super important details to ensure are up to date are:

●     Where you meet

●     When you meet

●     Contact email

●      Contact phone number

Please remember: if you don’t find an account on all of these sites, that is totally fine. Not every club will have accounts across all platforms. The main thing is that if you do have a presence, that your details are accurate.

Once you’ve finished your audit, please let me know how it went. You can reach out via email:

Dani Streets DTM

D73 Public Relations Manager